Bunnies Begone - Archery Battle Defense

Take control of Erza The Fox and his archery skills to defend your carrot farm from the evil bunnies invasion. Seek helps from your wizard friend and the panda warriors to assist you on the battlefield.

Craft your strategy well and hone your archery skills to hold your fortress from Air Units, Catapult Units, Ground units, and Unique Bosses.

Upgrade your skills and call the Meteor Shower to roast the bunnies or perhaps send your poison arrows flying to prevent them from moving further.

How To Play

1. Shoot arrows by tapping anywhere on the screen

2. Adjust your aim to increase the accuracy

3. Aim for the head to score a headshot

4. Collect coins and upgrade your tools

5. Call allies to assist you

6. Survive waves after waves and prepare to battle the bosses


  • 1.13

    - Completed Game up to level 46

    - Added 2 bosses (Including Final Boss)

    - Added Ending

    - Fix Numerous Bugs

    - Better Balancing

  • 1.12

    Fixed Bad sound on Franken (Boss)

    Fixed Savegame won't load on wave 16

  • 1.1


    Game Play

    - Added New Wave 16-30

    - Added New Boss

    - Added New Stage environment

    - Added New and stronger tower


    - Nerf poison damages


    - Resolution and aspect ratio on certain devices

    - Upgrade screen won't show up on certain devices

    - Wizard Energy Ball went missing

  • 1.05


    - Wrong resolution on iPad Pro

    - Unable to tap certain buttons on iPad Pro

    - Arrows sometimes stuck on a certain location

    - savegame doesn't save when quitting the app

  • 1.04


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