This is you, the protagonist of the game. You don’t have superpowers or anything like that. As a matter of fact, everyone underestimates you, even Mom and Dad! People even make fun of your silly cap. So what would you do when people are looking down at you? You fight back! Quiz battle ‘em and make a mockery of their intelligence! Nothing sweeter than revenge, right?


Dad is a simple guy who just wants to enjoy life. However, his actual life says otherwise. He’s married to a woman who only cares about her pet parrot, gets scammed by the same person over and over, and ultimately gets beaten by everyone in quiz battles. Nevertheless, he’s our pilot character, and we love him so much!


Mom was born in the jungle, raised by wolves, can speak the animals’ language, and no, we’re not imitating Tarzan. She’s fascinated by the animal world and her parrot, Mango, is her bestie. She’s the first character in the game that actually gives us a “Game Over.”


Nat is Player’s older sister. She’s the video game goddess (self-proclaimed, that is)! She’s great in any genre, and claims to have never seen a “Game Over” in her life. She’s also a respectful guild leader that commands one thousand armies, although nobody can confirm if that’s true or not.


Dave is Player’s younger brother who is sports maniac. He plays every sport imaginable and is seemingly good at all of them. Sports are the only thing he’ll even watch on TV. He’s an impatient, fast-talking kid who gives a taste of the real speed quiz battle.

Uncle Ron

Uncle Ron is a stereotypical geek. He loves gadgets, computers and every new thing on the internet. He’s a technology junkie. His stuttering speech makes him a hard to listen. Did we mention his questions are hard to read as well?

Aunt Jen

Aunt Jen acts like a gold digger, but she doesn’t have the customary look for it. She is a scary and wicked woman who always mocks other people’s fashion sense.


Yumee is Player’s cousin who inherited her dad’s brains and her mom’s wickedness. She loves to mock Player’s intelligence, and her know-it-all attitude makes her a tougher opponent than her parents. Our designer picked her as his favorite character.

Uncle Judd

Uncle Judd is an aspiring artist who wants to direct movies. However, he is more worried about looking the part than working to be the part. He’s a delusional old man who loves to buy those award replicas to fill his cabinet. We hope he will be invited someday to Grammy Awards!

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary loves food. She’s collected thousands of recipe books from around the world. She could eat anything. She might even eat you if she’s hungry enough. When she’s full, she’s the nicest woman on Earth, but you don’t want to see her on an empty stomach.


Stephen is another cousin of Player. He is a rock star wannabe who has written many (self-proclaimed) hit songs. He’s still holding out up for a positive review for anything he’s ever done, but that doesn’t stop him moving forward. It’s probably his tone deafness that’s holding him back.


Yee Haw! Who doesn’t want a grandma that loves the Old West? She’s one helluva grandma who loves playing with her grandson. This grandma’s obsessed with western culture. Stay on her good side or you might see the gunslinger in her come out!


Kiai! Who doesn’t love a grandpa that’s obsessed with karate? This old man’s a wise sage. He’s read extensively about Confucius and many other Eastern philosophers. He loves Eastern culture. Make sure you listen to his golden advice.

Dr. Hahn

What kind of video game doesn’t have a mad scientist obsessed with world domination? However, Dr. Hahn is much less dangerous than the stereotype. Player better be prepared because his breadth of scientific knowledge is intimidating.

Aunt Praya

Aunt Praya is a creepy and mysterious fortune teller. She claims to predict the future and sense spirits around her. Most of her readings turn negative very quickly. Maybe that’s why her business is quite slow these days.

Uncle Wilbur

Uncle Wilbur is a powerful man who likes to look down on and judge other people. He proves his superiority by making other people feel stupid. He asks brutally difficult and tricky questions. He will ridicule those who are not at his intellectual level. Are you?